About Generalized Computing

Generalized Computing has been a cornerstone of the industry since our founding in 1994. We provide custom solutions for all sized operations, from the small buisiness customer up to the largest conglomerates. Our solutions are as varied as our consumers, while still maintaining the human element.

How Configurable Are Our Solutions?

Generalized Compuing Consortium's highly configurable open systems architecture allows you to mix and match to create your perfect solution. With a catalog of over 100 standardized components and pre-integrated modules, boards, systems, and power supplies, you can quickly and easily meet your complex processing requirements — today and in the future.

Hardware, Software, and now Wetware

With our proprietary, patented technology, we are moving into the 21st century and beyond — When COVID-19 hit and the chip shortage was putting a strain on our industry, Generalized Computing was ahead of the curve with alternate computing platforms. For over 20 years we have been trailblazing into the field of alternative computing initiatives. Come visit our physical locations for a demo today!